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Special guided tours, creative educational workshops, and other incredible initiatives that will allow you to have a unique experience in the heart of the Nuragic civilization.

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Feminine Archaeology woven with an artistic thread.

The letter D in GIORNATA D stays for DONNA, italian for WOMAN.

Since 2013, at Nuraghe Losa, we dedicate a day to Women to commemorate their social, political, and economic achievements, but also to reflect on the discriminations and violence they still face in many parts of the world.

On GIORNATA D, the visit to the monument focuses on femininity, and for the occasion, our guides yield the floor to selected scholars and Art.

The event takes place in March 8th, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

It has a different topic each year.


Between April and May, when spring is in full swing with its myriad colors of flowers and butterflies, the Paleotur cooperative organizes at Nuraghe Losa, a day for children.

A day to play, learn with archaeology, and experience spring while enjoying the first sunny days.

It’s a special day, and once you cross the threshold of the Archaeological Park of Nuraghe Losa, you find yourself in a magical fairy-tale world, back in time to discover, through play, what happened in the past years.


On full moon nights, Nuraghe Losa is wrapped in a magical cloak woven with new colors, sounds, and scents.

For the occasion, we suggest dressing in poetry and keeping your senses awake because when the night envelops the Nuragic landscape of the Archaeological Park, you’ll hear the chirping of cicadas and the song of night birds. You’ll sense the scent of the air turning fresh after long sunny days, discover the long shadows of your silhouette reflected on the high walls of the nuraghe, touch the worked basalt stones, and feel the sensation of going back in time for a while. Enjoy a good glass of Cannonau, bidding farewell to the nuraghe until the next moon!

The magic repeats every summer.

During summer full moons, our guides accompany you on a moonlit night tour of the Archaeological Park of Nuraghe Losa.


A midsummer night with the nose up to discover the sky. On moonless nights of july and august ,when the stars shine brightly, the lady of the stars – the astrophysicist Barbara Leo – comes at Nuraghe Losa with her harmless laser pointer to show us the constellations and tell us the stories and myths related to them.